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Our program is a tailored experience for home based food business owners who wish to get support in elevating their skills, knowledge, and confidence to take their business forward.


Each home chef is paired with a coach who will support them throughout the entirety of the program while also being introduced to subject matter experts on topics like food production, marketing, food safety, delivery & distribution, recipe optimization, business strategy and finances, and more.

The homefan program

Be part of the upcoming homefan batch!

Homefan on media

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Looking Ahead: The Case For Why Youth Are Our Nation’s Hope

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We meet youth who are plugged into the community and have created initiatives to support the vulnerable. UTBT‘s Syafiqah Nur Hanisah, student at Crescent Girls School


Welcome! Are you a homefan already?

Homefan exists to uplift and celebrate local home-based food businesses

We are a non-profit whose mission is to uplift home food businesses in Singapore that need support, especially those affected by Covid-19. Homefan is an upskilling program, a platform for marketing amplification, and a network of mentors, coaches, partners, and customers.

The true core of homefan is a community of cheerleaders. We celebrate home cooking and we celebrate home chefs. If you see yourself as a cheerleader there’s many ways to get involved, but start by following us to stay updated and support local by checking out and ordering from these home cooks!

The homefan community

We all are homefans. Homefan is you & me. Homefan is us! Our community constantly growing and has the following members already

These brave HFB have joined our very first cohort in August. Give them some love and taste their amazing creations!

Our current cohort

The Briyani Mantra

Orang Laut

The Joopsy Baker

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